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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buy Visitor Medical Insurance for USA

Visitor medical insurance is mandatory for travelers from certain countries to the United States, while for others it is always a recommended option to always buy a policy before any visit to USA. Whether you are traveling to the USA for business or pleasure holiday, or for other personal reasons such as visiting family or friends, you can protect yourself with visitor health insurance. This type of travel medical insurance will cover the visitors health for the duration of travel to USA or any other nation. Like other medical plans, it provides coverage for expenses that are related to qualified medical charges and fees due to injuries due to accidents or illness due to most sickness.

Your budget for visitor insurance will determine whether you can purchase a schedule benefits plan and a comprehensive benefits plan. You should also take into account the nature of your visit, and the likelihood that you'll need the benefits offered by one plan, versus the other. Generally, older folks overage age 50 years would benefit from a comprehensive plan as they are more likely to fall sick or injured that could need additional medical attention.

Visitors health insurance plan that is comprehensive will cover you in case of any important surgery or extended hospital stay should you require it, up to maximum selected amount. How much of coverage you can opt for will also depend on what you can afford. So it is important to also consider your budget. These plans can also be taken on a single trip, multi-trip or extended stay visitors who can renew a policy for a longer term. You can avoid limits on your medical expenses by paying more for a comprehensive visitor insurance plan. Once you pay your deductible, you are covered up to maximum of the policy amount selected. Some companies require that you also pay an additional percentage termed as co-insurance on the first $5,000 of eligible medical expenses before insurance plan reimburses the full 100 percent to the plan maximum.

A more affordable type of visitor medical insurance for people visiting the United States is the scheduled benefits plan. The insurance company will pay for each expense, up to a certain amount. In case if you need a laboratory or some other diagnostic test, the insurance company may only pay up to a certain set amount as listed in the schedule of benefits in the plan brochure. If the bill exceeds this set amount, then you would have to pay the difference in the set cost and the actual billed amount. Most scheduled benefit plans require that you pay a deductible first, and then the company will pay the remaining bill up the set maximum for each medical condition.

Certain visitor insurance plans cover certain pre-existing conditions and diseases under life threatening situations, with age and other restrictions that may apply. So, before choosing any visitor medical insurance for your parents or relatives, it is better if you do your research by comparing the plan benefits, coverage options, and quoted premium cost offered by various branded visitor insurance plans. On, you can simply compare medical insurance plans provided by various insurance companies using the online plan comparison tools. You can get quotes on plans chosen by you and if you do like any particular policy, you can apply and purchase the same using a credit card, debit card or even a personal check.

Some of the best available visitor medical insurance plans are typically underwritten by U.S. based travel insurance companies. This is important because it ensures that medical caregivers and providers will accept an American visitor insurance coverage more readily. You may pay more coverage purchased in the USA, but you can also obtain some peace of mind knowing that you will be surely covered in the case of an health emergency in the US. You will also save money up front, because the other option is to pay all of your expenses out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed from the insurance company.

While considering all options before purchasing any visitor health insurance policy, make sure you are looking at US based visitor insurance firms. Read about visitor insurance reviews and customer testimonials to know the past experiences of other people who have purchased that policy before you, With so many different rates and offers it would be wise and a good idea to also discuss the plans in consideration with your colleagues or family before making a final decision.