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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Medical Insurance for Travelers to USA

Every year, many visitors to USA embark on the distant voyage to America, although  predominantly by air travel these days. But, before the journey there lies a lot of planning on many fronts. This article discuses the importance and need for medical insurance for visitors to USA, or any other foreign country, and why it is considered a must.

If you want to travel to the US as a visitor, you must possess a valid visa which is issued by the US consulate. A visa application must be submitted to the US consulate by the traveler, in his or her home country. After the US visitor visa is issued by the American consulate, the applicant is required to purchase air tickets valid for travel to the US. Last but not least, a good travel medical insurance that offers health coverage and medical protection for the duration of their stay in the US is absolutely necessary. Visitor medical insurance is a type of travel health insurance which is required mainly during travel outside one's home country borders to any international destination including USA.

Visitor health insurance provides medical coverage for the visitors visiting the US. It is short-term insurance policy and it provides coverage only for the period of your stay in the US. Anyone can purchase this policy on behalf of anyone or for self, hence it is ideal for US residents to buy visitor insurance coverage for relatives, parents and friends who are traveling to the US as tourists. Visitor insurance covers injuries, accidents, or illness during your stay and travel within the US, taking care of your medical expenses such as hospital bills, doctor’s fee, surgery, pharmacy and other medical expenses.

Upon purchase, you will receive the I.D cards and proof of coverage document which the traveler can show as proof of visitor travel insurance to the US consulate, at the time of applying for the visitor visa. Medical insurance is particularly important for people immigrating to the US from countries such as India, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France etc., as most of the immigrants from these countries have their parents visiting them in USA. Medical insurance is especially recommended for elderly people who might need medical care during their time of visit.

Visitor medical insurance plans can be obtained prior to the travel or after starting the travel. Fixed benefit visitor insurance plans cost less but also offer limited coverage. Comprehensive coverage plans provide much more benefit features and also affordable. Insurance with fixed benefits provides only less coverage whereas the comprehensive plan offers more coverage. Visitor insurance can be bought for a period of five days or more and can be renewed also up to a year or more. The coverage benefits will commence from the next day after you purchase the plan, or any future date of your choice. If you want to travel free of trouble you must travel with a visitor medical insurance.