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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Visitor Medical Insurance Needed When Traveling to USA

Traveling to the United States of America (USA) or any another nation outside home country can be a beneficial and life changing experience for many. Also, many individuals and families pursue the goal of U.S. immigration as an ideal and best way to achieve personal, academic, or professional success. Even a short visit and stay as a visitor may be culturally rewarding, but also take precaution to not curtail this enriching experience by an unexpected accidental injury or a health related sickness or illnesses. No one can predict when such an emergency can strikes them, but one can plan accordingly in advance by purchasing a reputed visitor medical insurance from a provider based in USA. Even if visitor insurance coverage is not mandatory to buy and show evidence to any authorities, it may provide access to the right medical care in the hour of emergency and also offer invaluable health benefits regardless of the length of your trip.

The advantages of buying visitor medical insurance are many fold. If you planning to visit USA alone or with your family, it is important to buy visitors health insurance for the duration of visit to USA, because the health care costs are much higher in the United States when compared to other nations such as India, China, Russia, etc. The concept of visitor medical insurance is relatively new for visitors from these nations and most people are not aware of it. Before you decide to buy visitors’ health insurance for your travel duration to USA, try to learn as much as you can before you buy. is the right place to find out all the details of the policy, review coverage benefits, and also buy a policy easily online.

While the United States has the best medical professionals and health care facilities across the country when compared to the rest of the world, however these services are not offered on a free or complimentary or inexpensive basis when also compared by most standards. If you have never experienced a health crisis in the United States, it may be tempting to forgo paying the premium required to purchase visitors insurance coverage in order to save financial resources. However, even a single injury or illness could medically and financially disrupt your pleasant visit, and leave your health and finances in shambles. Purchasing a good visitors insurance policy may adequately protect you in the event of any unexpected accidents, injury or illnesses, with many plans also offering coverage for acute onset or sudden relapse of pre-existing medical conditions.

When selecting a visitor health insurance plan for yourself, a friend, or a family member such as relatives or parents visiting USA, you will find many policy options. What would be ideal coverage for one person may be entirely different for another, and several factors will likely influence your final decision. These options can be broadly segregated into the following:

  1. Scheduled or fixed benefit plans
  2. Comprehensive coverage plans
  3. Long-term visitor plans

Scheduled or fixed benefit plans are the least expensive option and especially affordable, however have limits sets for maximum amounts paid for specific medical conditions and also regarding covered procedures and instances. When one is seeking short-term coverage for periods of six months or less, a better option would be to consider a comprehensive coverage plan as these policies have no specific limits for each medical condition, and cover up to the selected plan maximum. For new immigrants and other longer term visitors who will need coverage for up to five years, a long-term visitor plans will be a better choice.