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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visitor Insurance for Parents Travel to USA

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident in USA, and your parents or relatives live abroad and plan to visit you in the United States, then they definitely require visitor insurance coverage while visiting you in USA. The reason for travel to USA can be anything for the visitor, but the reason to purchase visitors insurance still remains the same. Visitors to USA should always do a proper research before the start of the journey to the United States of America. This is even more important if someone who is visiting the US is elderly or aged or senior parents or relatives, they should always be aware of the importance of having a good visitor insurance plan that offers medical coverage in the US.

America is one of the most developed countries that have given importance for the better health care system in the country. In America, major part of the health care system is owned and operated by the private companies in the health insurance industry. Most of the insurance plans for visitors to USA and international travelers in the USA are designed by private insurance companies. Some of the prominent insurance providers who have designed medical insurance plans for visitors from foreign countries residing in America for a short term are International Medical Group (IMG), Seven Corners, HCC Medical Insurance Services, Global Underwriters Insurance, Travel Insurance Services, HTH Worldwide, Travelex Insurance Services. These insurance providers have designed visitor medical insurance to help visitors to USA who enter America holding various kinds of visas and cover them for accident or sickness while in USA. Most of the hospitals in America always ask for medical insurance plan information while admitting a patient, hence holding visitors insurance coverage gives the visitor access to medical care while in the US.

If you are a permanent resident of America and your parents and relatives live abroad, then they definitely require visitor insurance for parents coverage while visiting you in USA. The risk of staying uninsured can only be realized after facing an unexpected emergency and the medical bills that follow. At that time it will be too late to purchase a medical insurance because insurance companies consider any ailment during the time of purchase as pre-existing conditions. Most of the insurance providers will not cover for pre existing conditions under visitor medical insurance plans offered by them. In case if the insurance customer with pre existing condition ignores the directions and purchases visitor medical insurance without declaring any ailment then the same will be identified by the doctor’s report in case of an emergency. Visitors need to read the plan brochure to have a proper understanding of the inclusions and exclusions of medical insurance plan they are going to purchase.

Some of the general benefits under visitor medical insurance include coverage for hospitalization expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, common carrier accidental benefit, and much more while traveling as a visitor to USA. After choosing the right plan that suits one’s requirements best, travelers can purchase International health insurance by using their credit card. Buying visitor health insurance online enables the visitor to enjoy his or her visit to America peacefully. Popular plans include Atlas America Insurance, Patriot America Insurance and Liaison Continent Insurance for parents visiting USA, parents over the age 80 can also consider Diplomat America Insurance.

Once the traveler chooses visitor health insurance plan, they can easily enroll to that policy by completing an online application following the quote. The premium cost of the plan can be paid online using a credit card and anyone can purchase the policy on behalf of anyone else. Once the payment is completed, visitors can expect the coverage of visitor insurance to begin as early as the next day or as per the date requested in the application. Visitors can complete the purchase process of visitor medical insurance before leaving their home country. The policy can be even bought by the relatives or friends who are residing in America. It is always a prudent choice to be on the safer side covered with medical insurance while visiting USA or any nation outside home country.