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Monday, May 14, 2012

Visitor Insurance Quotes and Rate Factors

We many have heard it from friends or relatives who had parents visiting them in USA, and all about the high cost of care in America. But we also enjoy they fun times and family bonding that their visit always brings. Today, we review the workings of visitor insurance plan and how it will be a big boon to mitigate the financial risk of medical emergency costs or hospital care in an health related injury or sickness for the visitor while in America.

Visitor medical insurance provides protection in the event of a medical emergency while visiting USA or another country, thereby reducing the risk of financial burden if hospitalized at the time. Typically, most eligible medical expenses such as doctor office fees, laboratory test charges, repatriation and medical evacuation costs, and other health related charges are qualified for claims if purchased as visitors to USA are covered by visitors health insurance. These plans are especially popular with Indian or Chinese parents visiting USA, as the older parents visiting USA surely need the required coverage. Visitors to USA can buy insurance or even their children and grandchildren living in America can purchase a policy behalf of their parents or grandparents who are visitors to USA. Although one can not fully predict or totally prevent all health risks, visitor health insurance goes a long way and allows the insured to stay worry free for the duration of stay.

Visitors health insurance policies are two categories of fixed compensation and comprehensive coverage. Although the benefits are less expensive, coverage is limited to each medical condition, the comprehensive plan, although more expensive, offers better insurance coverage benefits. The quoted rates for visitors insurance is based on rate factor tables which determine the policy cost. These quoted costs are determined using rate factors which are based on age, gender and duration of stay of the visitor in America.

Purchasing visitors insurance online is recommended, because there is no need of medical documents in the same plan of buying their own choice. Choose the plan according to their age, because visitors insurance plans designed to meet the requirements.  For more information about a plan that offers the best medical insurance for visitors to USA, and to quote apply to buy visitors health insurance policy for coverage in USA or outside visitors home country, please visit to quote and purchase online.