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Monday, March 12, 2012

Visitors Insurance USA Plan Selection Guidelines

Visitors to USA need to decide if they are going to opt for a low cost fixed benefit visitor insurance plan or an affordable comprehensive coverage policy. In a fixed type plan, there is a cap on the maximum benefit you can get for different medical expenses, such as for doctors fee, laboratory tests, diagnostic and treatment charges. In a comprehensive plan, there are no such limits on individual medical expenses capping every health condition. Hence, you get the highest benefit as per your policy maximum coverage amount. Though it is best to go for a comprehensive plan, it is usually expensive when compared to a fixed benefit policy, but also a needed option of visitors ages over 50+. If your budget is tight, you need to make a decision depending upon the difference in the cost of fixed and comprehensive US visitor insurance covers available and your health condition.
All visitors insurance policies are not cashless or direct billing types. In some plans, you have to pay the expenses first and then claim them from the insurance provider. In other policies, you may not have to pay upfront but you need to file the claim so that your insurance provider pays for your medical bills. Cashless policies are hassle free and are accepted inside the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network. Visitor travel insurance plans require little paperwork and are preferred by people visiting the US for a short duration. Check whether the plan selected offers cashless billing to make claims worry-free and easy.

Before you purchase coverage, check the deductible amount options available for the plan. Deductible charges refer to the amount that you have to pay before your insurance company starts paying. The higher the deductible for the policy selected, the lower is the quoted premium cost. It is best to consider a policy with low deductible, but if cost is your main concern, you may consider a policy with a higher deductible. You should check whether the deductible, is for each visit to the medical practitioner or for the entire treatment. Typically, if a family purchases a single policy, each insured individual needs to meet the deductible amount as specified before the plan can reimburse the incurred medical costs.

Buying a visitors insurance policy is quite easy nowadays with the access of the internet. Many insurance providers sell such policies online, and you can easily purchase visitors health insurance after comparing quotes from several providers online. Enrollment in a plan is simple as filling out the application form, which may take around ten minutes and pay the provider online to print your proof of insurance coverage in the form of an ID card. This can also be forwarded electronically to the other end of the globe and the visitor can print the same and keep along with travel documents.

You should also check what the US visitor insurance policy covers, whether it can be renewed, what kind of network it has and if the company will refund some amount if you intend to return back before the due date. For choosing a policy that best suits your requirements, you should compare the rates and terms and conditions of different providers and the policies they offer. carries a wide array of plans that suits anyone visiting USA such as relatives and parents visiting USA or other for any reason.